Fact of CSC

Community Sciences Consortium (CSC) is a non-profitable knowledge based learning organization with members and connection of professors, researchers, practitioners, Attorneys, Engineers, professionals, teachers, farmers, businessmen, moulavis, harfils, fishermen, massons, carpenters, general citizens, institutions, clubs, NGOs, medical doctors, government servants, police, military, politicians, students, and others as its wings without any boundaries highly diverse across local, national and international communities.

CSC is always keen to serve the communities around by serving the research, publications, developments and executions of selected sectors of major socio - economic- environmental macro spheres.

CSC is mainly aiming to development and promotion of social wellbeing through research, teaching, training, implementing various social activities, and etc.

CSC is working hard to become one of the finest and most scientific organizations in the field of Education, Sport, Movement Science, Economic, Political, Religion, Environment, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Agricultural, and Related Fields while keeping all the interest of the communities in stream line.

CSC consists of number of educationists, counsels, scientists, donors, volunteers and general public in order to proceed for a better community civilization. It is through highest solidarity, interest, and identity, which are central to life in a community. So, these ensure acceptance to become membership and accepted an individual within a group.

CSC it’s structure of "sciences" (our operating scope) constitutes theoretical, practical, and productive. Theoretical comprises theology, mathematics, and natural science. Practical comprises Ethics, politics, and etc. Productive comprises art, rhetoric, and etc.

So, this "sciences" in plural means so wider and large which addresses most or total areas which are necessary for a community or communities.

Today we are doing our best to provide best platform to the researchers, social workers, donors, youth, all type of professionals and non-professionals, and others to discuss, research and develop communities in national and international level.

CSC pays every attention to give best services to our valuable members, contributors and other key stakeholders, as the main motive of this nonprofit consortium is to uplift quality of people life in the communities.

CSC is looking for great and interested researchers, scientists, Doctoral scholars, educationists, coaches, sportsman, donors to contribute in achieving goals, by guiding and submitting proposals / manuscripts with all hope to build long-term relationships and we also promise to provide the best possible services.

Our commitment to services and our personal attention ensures that we will work as a team and will be an active participant in the community services.