1. To achieve equality and empower communities towards a classless society through better quality of education for all.
  2. To show a “global level of solidarity” for youth, on the frontline by sending students annually to higher educational institutions and universities.
  3. To overcome the systemic oppression that denies the growth of the businessmen in general by improving their business and economic knowledge which in return reflects on them a new growth annually.
  4. To have holistic approach, planning and implementation which covers the weaker sections of the community along with women, children by establishing social capital assets and development and adopting a new resolution to transform widows annually into as an independent entrepreneur.
  5. To counter the silencing of women’s health; and to fulfil commitments to protect women's life happiness through educating healthy lifestyle for women.
  6. To build awareness of business innovations that accelerate women’s empowerment and have a real impact on the equality of life for women, men, families and communities.
  7. To create alternative employment and strengthening of women’s’ livelihoods to diversify the economic base of the community and ensure its all-round development.
  8. To involve in frontline marketing avoiding middlemen moneylender nexus and bargain for a justifiable and fair price for the fish landings and for the social, economic, educational and overall integrated development of the fishing community in general.
  9. To encourage awareness of agriculture generally and to promote improvements in the life skills and quality of life of persons living in the community by supporting, co-operating and providing facilities to encourage activities intended to enrich the rural lifestyle.
  10. To work co-operatively with other individuals, agriculture and farming organizations, and institutions to address issues and implement appropriate actions which benefit community in large.